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23 Ways To Eat Clean

Replace processed, imitation foods with these clean eating foods that are fitter

Cleaner, more healthy eating
Healthy eating isn’t difficult, particularly with junk foods tempting you at corner deli, the grocery store, and the office kitchen. You can take steps to restrict processed food, though clean eating at every meal is not always realistic.

Your target: Select from foods that are natural go with foods which can be processed in a bit, and restrict your consumption of highly processed things.

See 23 clean eating natural food choices now!

1. Apples


1st option (natural state): Apple

2nd option (somewhat processed): Applesauce

Limitation (highly processed): Apple toaster pastry

Shopping suggestion: It’s fewer nutrients when compared to a whole apple while applesauce is a healthful alternative.

2. Oranges


1st option (natural state): Orange

2nd option (somewhat processed): 100% orange juice

Limitation (highly processed): Orange beverage

Shopping suggestion: Many fruit drinks contain small genuine juice and high fructose corn syrup.

3. Strawberries


1st option (natural state): Fresh strawberries (these 17 delightful strawberry recipes take advantage of these berries)

2nd option (somewhat processed): Strawberry conserve

Limitation (highly processed):  Strawberry gelatin dessert

Shopping suggestion: Gelatin desserts generally include artificial strawberry flavor, not fruit that is genuine.

4. Peaches


1st option (natural state): Peach

2nd option (somewhat processed): Canned peaches in juice that is 100%

Limit (highly processed): Canned peaches in heavy syrup

Shopping tip: Fruit canned in heavy syrup has more sugar and calories than fresh fruit.

5. Figs

1st option (natural state): Fresh figs

2nd option (somewhat processed): Fig conserve

Limitation (highly processed): Fig sandwich biscuits

Shopping suggestion: Packaged fruit biscuits may include preservatives and refined sugar.

6. Pineapple

1st option (natural state): Pineapple

2nd option (somewhat processed):Canned diced pineapple

Limitation (highly processed):Pineapple cocktail cup

Shopping suggestion: Fresh pineapple is higher in An and vitamins C and beta carotene than canned.

7. Corn


1st option (natural state): Corn on the cob

2nd option (somewhat processed): Corn tortilla chips

Limitation (highly processed): Cornflakes

Shopping suggestion: Purchase tortilla chips with only three ingredients: salt, oil, and whole corn —and eat in moderation.

8. Spinach

1st option (natural state): Spinach

2nd option (somewhat processed): Bagged prewashed spinach

Limitation (highly processed): Frozen creamed spinach

Shopping suggestion: When purchasing frozen vegetables, prevent those -rich sauces. (Is spinach fitter than kale? Learn in their own Health Food Face-Off.)

9. Garlic

1st option (natural state): Garlic

2nd option (somewhat processed): Jarred minced garlic

Limitation (highly processed): Bottled garlic marinade

Shopping suggestion: Minced fresh garlic is more flavorful than jarred and more affordable.

10. Carrots

1st option (natural state): Carrots

2nd option (somewhat processed): Infant carrots

Limitation (highly processed): Frozen honey-glazed carrots

Shopping suggestion: Infant carrots are not unhealthy but more expensive than routine-size carrots that are loose.

11. Soup

1st option (natural state): Soup from scratch

2nd option (somewhat processed): Canned soup

Limitation (highly processed): Dehydrated soup mix

Shopping suggestion: Homemade soup generally has more flavor and less sodium than canned. (Check out these 20 wholesome soup and stew recipes.)

12. Ham

1st option (natural state): Heritage ham

2nd option (somewhat processed): Deli ham

Limitation (highly processed): Packed deli bologna

Shopping suggestion: Heritage varieties of pork are substantially not as likely than factory meat is to include hormones.

13. Turkey

1st option (natural ttate): Entire turkey

2nd option (somewhat processed): Deli turkey

Limitation (highly processed): Storebought turkey meatballs

Shopping suggestion: If you purchase turkey and other meats at the deli counter, require brands of nitrates and fillers.

14. Steak

1st option (natural state): Grassfed steak

2nd option (somewhat processed): Grainfed steak

Limit (highly processed): Frozen beef patties

Shopping suggestion: (Follow this guide for selecting grass fed steak.)

15. Chicken


1st choice (natural state): Fresh chicken breasts

2nd choice (somewhat processed): Deli sliced chicken

Limitation (highly processed): Chicken nuggets

Shopping suggestion: Chicken nuggets include very little chicken that is actual.

MORE: Do not Wash Your Chicken!

16. Eggs

1st option (natural state): Pasture-raised eggs

2nd option (somewhat processed): Omega3-fortified eggs

Limitation (highly processed): Egg beaters

Shopping Hint: Pasture-raised eggs may have saturated fat vitamin A, and 200% more omega 3s compared to omega 3-fortified eggs and egg beaters, which come from chickens.

17. Cream


1st option (natural state): Cream

2nd choice (somewhat processed): Fat-free half cream / half milk

Limit (highly processed): Flavored dairy creamer

Shopping suggestion: Flavored dairy creamers in many cases are created using corn syrup, artificial flavors, and colorings.

18. Yogurt

1st option (natural state): Plain yogurt

2nd option (somewhat processed): Flavored yogurt

Limitation (highly processed): Flavored yogurt beverage

Shopping suggestion: Purchase it to flavor and plain yogurt .

19. Bread


1st choice (natural state): Whole grain bread

2nd choice (somewhat processed): Wheat bread

Limit (highly processed): Fortified white bread

Shopping tip: If a whole grain isn’t the first ingredient, you’re missing out on nutrients.

Shopping suggestion: You are missing out on nutrients if your whole grain is not the first fixing.

20. Pasta

1st option (natural state): Dehydrated whole wheat pasta

2nd option (somewhat processed): Dehydrated pasta that was white

Limitation (highly processed): Instant noodles

Shopping tip: Whole grain pasta is higher in antioxidants than instant or white noodles.

21. Rice

1st option (natural state): Brown rice

2nd option (somewhat processed): White rice

Limitation (highly processed): Flavored instant rice

Shopping suggestion: Brown rice, unlike white, has not had its fiber-rich layers of germ and bran removed.

22. Nuts


1st option (natural state): Peanuts

2nd choice (somewhat processed): Natural peanut butter

Limit (highly processed): Processed peanut butter

Shopping suggestion: Natural peanut butter should include a touch of salt and only peanuts.

23. Soy

1st option (natural state): Fresh edamame (whole soybeans)

2nd option (somewhat processed): Tofu

Limitation (highly processed): Frozen veggie burgers (including soy ingredients)

Shopping suggestion: Frozen veggie burgers are vegetarian-friendly but are highly processed.

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