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What features of your face tell about your fortune

What features of your face tell about your fortune? By  Lifestyle VIP. Tips Appearance and face features are indicators of life, as they say. You would not believe it, but your philtrum can tell a lot about your wealth. How can you characterize yours?

1. Long

You have absolutely all chances to get rich. Keep an eye on possibilities to invest, since shortly you will fetch a chance to receive stable passive income. You will not even need to put an effort to it.

2. Short

You don’t care about money and you are happy with what you have.You earn enough money to keep yourself, though. Your priorities are straight and you are persuaded that the most important things in life can not be bought with money. Keep it up! That’s beautiful attitude!

3. Prominent

You have enough stamina to combine 2 jobs. You are a really hardworking person. There is a chance that you will get rich one day, but you need to keep that hard work up. Unfortunately, you are not likely to win a lottery.

4. With a Mole or a Scar


You don’t have that blessing for money, unfortunately. However, people, who are ready to help you, will surround you. It is more precious than money. If you get into trouble or just have financial difficulties, there is always someone around, who can give you a hand. You can always lean on your friends and relatives. Value them!

5. Hairy

You are a lucky person, but you love spending money. You think that there is no point in earning money, if you don’t spend easily. “Easy come, easy go” – that’s about your money.You don’t need to be worried about your financial situation, since you can get good job easily. Each of the positions you work for will bring you a good income and you will spend it with pleasure. Do the descriptions match? Let us know!

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