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Mexican Nachos is one of the popular meals in 2016. Try it!..

Mexican Nachos
Mexican Nachos

With this recipe, you’ll be able to enjoy all your guests last minute, easily and at low cost. All ingredients in this recipe are mixed together extremely well and bring a flavor festival in the mouth. You can omit the jalapeno if you do not like spicy, but I think it brings more.

Ingredients / 6 people

  1. 1 jalapeno chili (if you like spicy)
  2. 1-2 green onions
  3. 300g of cheddar or Mexican cheese (2 cups)
  4. 300 g of nacho (approximately one package)
  5. Of sliced ??black olives
  6. Sour cream (sour cream) – you can find the recipe here
  7. 1 tomato
  8. salsa sauce
  9. guacamole
  10. Hot sauce, if you like it


  •     Preparation time: 5 minutes
        Cooking time: 10 min
        Total time of the recipe: 15 min


  1. Take a baking sheet in the oven or stove cast
  2. Preheat oven to 180 ° C
  3. Put a layer of nachos in background
  4. Grate the cheese, cut the tomatoes into small cubes, slice green onion, slice the chilli
  5. Place a layer of grated cheese
  6. Repeat until the desired height
  7. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes
  8. On leaving the oven, add the tomato, green onion, olives and pepper slices
  9. Place a dollop of sour cream, salsa and guacamole
  10. Eat while it’s hot


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